Our Service

We offer our customers quality service

With the purpose of “Great service is our mission, High quality is our obligation”, Shijiazhuang Boda Industrial Co., Ltd. makes the following quality promises to customers: I. About equipment quality: 1. To ensure to provide consumers with the high-quality products which meet the relevant national standards, the contract requirements as well as the technical requirements for the design and production. 2. To ensure to pay full responsibility for the quality of all the provided equipment, including the components and the purchase accessories, etc. And we carry out the practice of lifelong service.

II. About delivery time: It is ensured that it will be implemented at the required time in the contract.
III. About technical service: 1. To ensure to provide the users with the indispensable and key operation and maintenance technical information timely in accordance with the contract provisions.
2 Having received the quality complaints from the users, we guarantee to reply them within 24 hours. The service personnel will be sent within 48 hours and they will arrive at the scene at the fastest speed. And we ensure that we won’t stop our service until the customers are satisfied.